Friday, 22 May 2009

Catch up.

Derren Brown was fab, fab, fab, fab, fab and a bit of fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you what happened as he asked us at the end to keep the contents of the show a secret for other people who hadn't seen it yet so as not to spoil it. He is an absolute genius and my new god! Nuff said!!!

So after my stupid gain (no I am not over it yet! lol) I have managed not to go off the rails and I have carried on being a good girl and have also upped my exercise time on the Wii and last night I really put my all into it. Because this is a busy week I have even planned my Wii fit session! lol Even though I was off work this morning I still got up with Matt so after I had packed him off to school I left Lolly having a lovely lie in and went on the Wii, it was 7.30am people!!!! Spent the rest of the day having a girly day with Lolly finished with a lovely tea with Andy, the kids and Andy's parents. Lovely. Tomorrow I am working a wedding with my sister so I plan to do my Wii fit when the kids are at their dancing lesson so I can have a long shower after and be refreshed for work. I know if I do this I will not be tempted to have any of the chocolate fountain when we clear it down.

I am sooooo good! lol


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