Sunday, 31 May 2009

Thank god for that! No poodles in sight!!!

New hair do.

I am really pleased with it. Will need to do it myself to be totally happy but overall I love it!!!

The colour is actually more red but doesn't really show up on this pic.

I love having my hair done, it really relaxes me. Lolly had her's done today too and she looks soooo cute!

We had a lovely girly day.



  1. You look lovely, and so does Lolly. I think you look lovely in your header pic too.

  2. Love the new 'do it really suits you. I love getting hair done too, makes me feel so much better. Hope you had a nice night out or something to show it off! Have a good week xx

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments, I am really pleased with my hair.

    Have a good week guys.