Sunday, 17 May 2009


Had a good day today, the kids let us have a lovely lay-in for a change then I did a Wii fit challenge with them which they thought was great! One thing I dont agree with on the Wii fit is that they still show the BMI and weight for children, if kids are under a certain age they shouldnt show them as it could cause them to obsess about their weight! Anyway I digress, after the challenge we had a light lunch and watched Britains Got Talent from last night, I dont think anyone actually stood out but Ant and Dec were on form so that made up for it.

They have all gone up to their own rooms now to do their own thing which means if I feel like it I may even have a nap! Andy will be taking will home later so will be doing my Wii fit then then I will get work stuff ready so I can chill for the rest of the night.

Lazy days, gotta love 'em!


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