Thursday, 14 May 2009

Last night.

OK so I bought another 10 creme eggs today from the same woman as yesterday, she looked at me with a bit of suprise so I reassured her that I hadnt eaten all the ones from yesterday I am just taking advantage of a good offer! I wonder if I could freeze them????

I am having another good day and so far everything has been pointed and I am reaching for the halo polish!

I was really proud of myself last night, I did 30 minutes on the Wii as soon as I got home with the intention of chilling out with my mate Jean for the rest of the evening but she called and couldnt make it cos she had S & D and didnt want us to get poorly, I was disappointed as we always sit and set the world to rights on a Wednesday evening, anyway, once the kids were fed and in bed I settled down and the dreaded boredom set it!! I straight away thought 'I could eat something.....', I wasn't happy with how my train of thought was going so I sat and thought about what I could do to stop it.

I decided I would watch Emerdale and Corrie and then get the Wii fit back out, set it up for 30 minutes on the step aerobics and do it while I watched the soap awards so this is what I did. The 30 minutes went really fast and I was well chuffed that I had done it, my craving for food was gone, I felt warmer (it was sooo cold last night) and I slept like a log!

Going to try for an hour again tonight if possible.



  1. You're a stronger woman than I am. I love cream eggs, and having that many in the house would surely cause temporary insanity! LOL I think you can freeze them, by the way. Really well done on the extra stepping too.

  2. lol

    they are sweet enough to satisfy that craving so I am lucky in that instance!

    Thanks for the compliment, I am so chuffed with how much I am doing.