Monday, 18 May 2009

Draining day.

Had an appointment today to take Matt to Ryegate which I hate doing, they are always emotional and draining even though they are there to help.

I went with the specific goal to get Matt some counselling, he is more settled in school but we are having problems with his anger mainly stemming from how he feels about his Dad and not being able to deal with him leaving and not being on the scene. Heartbreaking but we asked for help and hopefully we will get an appointment before the end of July for a psychological assesment and then we will see what they suggest from there.

I know there will be things that will be hard to hear but he really needs this and what sort of Mum would I be if I didn't try everything I could to make his life easier?



  1. not easy but well done!

    Wish my parents had done that for us 15 years ago! LOL

    Janine x

  2. Thanks, it has been an up hill struggle getting help for Matt with regards to getting extra support at school for his learning difficulties and this just seems yet another thing for him to deal with.

    I think pride stops parents asking for help but I won't let mine stop me getting help for Matt.