Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Bored in my job.

This is very unusual for me as I love my job.

At the moment my boss is off as he has torn the ligaments on his left leg which means he can do paperwork from home but can't go and see clients, now my job is phoning clients and getting new customers for him to visit (I also do all the admin and accounts), so because he can't that means my job is just doing the humdrum every day stuff.

It means that I am getting bored at work and I hate feeling like this, I end up feeling tired and I have no motivation at all.

I don't even know when he will be back but I can't see it happening for at least a couple more weeks and then he will have to take it easy. He is going stir crazy at home and is obviously feeling like he has no control over what is happening here, so frustration all round!!



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